Uber hires a VP to fix its toxic company culture

The gender equality expert can only improve things at the troubled startup.

Despite its incredibly high userbase, a string of controversies has led to what can only be described as a pretty terrible year for Uber. Now, just a few months after its employees left the company in droves, the successful ride-hailing company has recruited a new executive to save its sinking ship. After a former employee spoke out about sexual harassment at the company, Uber launched an investigation into its workplace culture, calling in Frances Frei, an expert on gender equality from Harvard Business School. Now, Frei has joined the successful tech startup full time, taking a role as Uber's Senior Vice President of Leadership & Strategy.

Given everything the $69 billion company has been through, Frei sounds like exactly the kind of corporate shakeup Uber needs. Yet, with nine high profile roles still needing to be filled at the company, this progressive hire looks to be only the beginning of its crucial restructure.

This recruitment drive comes at a fairly important time for the world's most valuable tech startup. Next week, Uber is expected to release the results of February's internal investigation into its workplace. With the results of that investigation potentially causing more upset at the company, Frei might find herself enduring a pretty tricky first week on the job.