Recommended Reading: Netflix trims its library of original shows

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Billy Steele
B. Steele|06.10.17

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'The Get Down,' 'Sense8'
Cancellations Signal
That Netflix's Originals
Are 'Destructible'

Daniel Holloway,

In the span of about a week, Netflix cancelled both The Get Down and Sense8 -- two noteworthy series from its slate of original shows. The streaming service seemingly renewed everything, but now a couple of its more anticipated shows won't return. Variety has a look at what this means for the company, including reasons why these two shows in particular won't be coming back. It turns out producing a Baz Luhrmann show is even more expensive than initially anticipated.

First Interview With the Climber Who Scaled El Capitan Without a Rope
Mark M. Synnott, National Geographic

Yes, the same El Capitan that inspired a name for Apple's macOS. Someone climbed it without a rope, and yes, that person may be insane.

The Second Coming of iPad
John Paczkowski, BuzzFeed

This week Apple made its strongest case yet that its tablet could replace your computer. BuzzFeed has a look at how the company plans to convince you its slate is all you need.

How Russian Propaganda Spread From a Parody Website to Fox News
Neil MacFarquhar and Andrew Rossback,
The New York Times

NYT breaks down how a piece of fake news spread from one website before making it on Fox News. It's an interesting look at how misinformation spirals across the internet.

This Is How the NBA Makes Exclusive Shows for Millions on Snapchat
Kurt Wagner, Recode

A behind-the-scenes look at how the NBA creates content for millions of fans on Snapchat through the lens of the NBA Finals.

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