We're live from Microsoft's E3 2017 Xbox One X event!

Time to find out how much it will cost.

Microsoft will answer three important questions today: How much Project Scorpio, its high-powered Xbox One, will cost; what the console's name will be; and when we can actually buy it. Lucky for you, you can follow along with your favorite members of the Engadget gaming crew as we deliver the blow-by-blow from Redmond's annual E3 media briefing as it happens and as those questions are answered, on this very page.

Surely Microsoft will boast a few reasons to buy into its newly improved Xbox ecosystem, and even offer a few examples of why people should consider waiting until Scorpio (or whatever its final name will be) today. Hopefully. Regardless, today's media briefing from the University of Southern California's Galen Center will be one to watch. And if the company finally shows off Crackdown 3, you can say we predicted that well before the show even started.