Microsoft's Project Scorpio could cost $499

It's about what you'd expect, but that still makes it a pricey system.

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There's no doubt that Microsoft's Project Scorpio will be expensive given its 4K-ready hardware. But just how expensive? Apparently, Geoff Keighley knows. The well-connected gaming persona now has "confidence" that Project Scorpio will sell for $499 -- about twice as much as the regular price of an Xbox One S as of this writing. He allows himself some wiggle room ("unless something changes today"), but there's good reason to believe he's on the mark: He's the host of both E3 Live and the Game Awards, so he's in a position to know.

A $499 price would make sense. Scorpio is poised to have much more powerful graphics hardware than you're used to in modern consoles, and fast GPUs don't come cheap. At the same time, Microsoft knows it can't really charge more without alienating gamers -- just ask anyone who cringed at Sony's infamous "five hundred and ninety-nine US dollars" PlayStation 3 spiel at E3 2006. As steep as the figure sounds, it could actually represent a compromise between Microsoft's 4K goals and the reality of what people are willing to pay. We'll know the full scoop very shortly.

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