Rapid-fire archery battles are the best way to do E3

Take a break with "TowerFall."

Nothing gets rid of the E3 jitters like shooting an exploding arrow right at your social-media manager's face. Luckily, we brought TowerFall: Ascension to the E3 show floor this year, so nobody had to break out the actual bow hidden behind the Engadget stage.

Feminist Frequency founder Anita Sarkeesian and the site's managing editor, Carolyn Petit, joined Engadget social media manager Evan Rodgers and senior reporter Jessica Conditt (that's me!) on stage at the heart of E3 for a live TowerFall gameplay session. After nearly a week of press conferences, surprise announcements and hands-on events, we all needed a few rounds of calming, couch-based, competitive playtime.

TowerFall landed in 2014 as a local-mutliplayer-only experience, and creator Matt Thorson is currently working on a new, single-player platformer called Celeste.

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