Ring's updated doorbell stays in place while you swap batteries

The Ring Doorbell 2 will set you back $199.

Ring boasts that its smart doorbells reduce home break-ins, but its real killer feature is enabling you to screen out door-to-door salespeople. If you've been dragging your feet on buying one, then the advent of the Ring 2, with an upgraded 1080p camera, may be enough to tempt you. In addition, the updated video bell also gets a couple of new features designed to make it easier for lazy would-be smart home owners.

The biggest problem with the first-generation Ring is that it needs to be mounted and unmounted to the wall in order to recharge it. Speaking from experience, that means going out every three or four months and unscrewing it from its back plate. With version 2, the device simply lifts up its lower end to expose a swappable battery that can be taken indoors to refuel.

Much like the Ring Pro, the Ring 2 also gets swappable faceplates, enabling you to match the device to the color of your home's facade. Rounding out the (new) spec list is improved night vision and a slightly revamped design that tapers out some of the first-generation's boxier appearance. If that's enough to separate $199 from your wallet, head on down to Best Buy, Home Depot, or the company's official website.