eBay will match prices from Amazon and Walmart on certain items

It will also price match six other major retailers.

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Bloomberg via Getty Images
Bloomberg via Getty Images

eBay announced a new Price Match Guarantee today, ensuring many of its items will cost the same or less than those offered by other major retail competitors. It's the company's latest move in the ongoing business battle with giants like Amazon and Walmart.

The items eligible for price match are those sold in the website's trending inventory section Deals. The products have to be new and identical to those sold through the outlet being price matched. They also have to be in stock at both eBay and its competitor at the time of purchase. The online retailers eligible for price match are Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Walmart's Jet.com, Home Depot, Sears, Target and Wayfair.

If an eBay customer spots one of those sites selling the same product for less, they'll have to call customer service before purchasing and get a coupon for the price difference. The coupon will expire 24 hours after it's issued.

Earlier this year, eBay announced another feature that would boost its competitiveness with Amazon. Its Guaranteed Delivery program, which has yet to launch, promises three-day delivery or less on millions of its items. If a package doesn't arrive on time, shipping costs will be refunded or, in the case of free shipping, a coupon that can be used towards a future purchase will be issued. The website will also integrate an additional search option, allowing customers to sort items by one-, two- and three-day delivery times.

The price match feature is available to US customers starting today and the shipping program is scheduled to launch later this year.

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