EE tempts students with a free 500MB 'data safety net'

Hit your monthly cap and get some extra data to tide you over.

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EE tempts students with a free 500MB 'data safety net'

Most students are currently enjoying their summer away from the rigours of university life, and EE has decided to give them one more thing to feel happy about. The provider has introduced a new perk for those in higher education it calls a "data safety net." Any student on a two-year handset plan or 12-month SIM-only contract can now claim 500MB of free data each month, which kicks in once they've exhausted their regular monthly allowance.

There's just one catch, in that you need to be registered with student network UNiDAYS to be eligible, and submit your unique UNiDAYS code to activate the offer. Still, that small hurdle will get you 500MB of emergency data each month to tide you over until your allowance resets. If you chew through your monthly cap watching Netflix on the bus to lectures, though, remember Three will soon introduce a new range of plans that ignores data used for several streaming services.

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