ASUS' take on mesh WiFi is now available

The company ships its own $400 mesh-networking solution.

Mesh networking is all the rage for people who want to fill every bit of their home with sweet high-speed Wi-Fi. Lynksys , Google, Netgear, TP-Link and Eero all have devices that use the new technology to smooth out the dead spots in your home. Now Asus has joined the crowd with its Lyra Home WiFi System. Initially announced in January, the new routers are finally available for $400.

Asus' Lyra will help overcome your home's natural Wi-Fi interference points like doors, walls, floors and windows with a primary hub and three included satellite units. More secondary hubs can be purchased separately. The company claims that setup and management is easy with its mobile app, which connects to the system via Bluetooth. The app includes Family Overview, a way to monitor all the devices on your network with a graphical dashboard.

The company says that Lyra uses three separate frequency bands, one of which is dedicated to inter-hub communication, which leaves the other two 5GHz and 2.4GHz bands free for device connections. The devices also come with "AiProtection," a network-security and anti-virus system that Asus says will be automatically updated with the latest code to block malicious attacks or other nasty network packets from reaching your devices. The Lyra system is available now at online and brick and mortar retailers, including Amazon, B&H Photo, Fry's and Newegg.