Google tests your tolerance for autoplaying video

It's limited to film trailers, with no plans to expand to other subjects or make it permanent.

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Google is testing the scourge of Facebook and Twitter, autoplaying videos, in its searches. The SEM Post noticed some result pages started included them, specifically when searching for upcoming films. Trailers for the respective movies appeared in the right-hand sidebar next to Google's list of results as is typical, but these started playing automatically.

"We are constantly experimenting with ways to improve the Search experience for our users, but have no plans to announce at this time," a Google spokesperson told Engadget.

Google confirmed it was conducting a test with movie trailers for a limited period of time. For now, the company says it has no plans to make the addition a permanent fixture in your search results.

It's notable that the autoplayed ads The SEM Post noticed ran silently: back in February, Facebook confirmed that it would soon add sound to the videos it automatically plays in users' News Feeds. While that feature hasn't been fully rolled out, it hovers on the edge of every Facebook user's fear, haunting them with the possibility the internet will return to the nightmare mid-aughts when pages blared audio without permission. We'll wait to see whether Google cozies to the idea or leaves it alone.

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