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The Morning After: Friday, July 28th 2017

Shuffling on.

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Denpa Onna To Seishun Otoko
Denpa Onna To Seishun Otoko

Hey, good morning! Your Friday has landed. Yesterday, the iPod series was squeezed to one model, we welcome Doomfist in Overwatch and we might have just met the king of Chromebooks.

And then there was one.
Apple drops the iPod nano and shuffle

Apple has quietly discontinued the iPod nano and iPod shuffle, yanking their product pages from its website. Both MP3 players are hanging around retail stores, but not for long -- if you're feeling nostalgic, you'd better plan a shopping trip in the near future. The iPod touch, meanwhile, is sticking around and comes with more capacity, as $199/32GB and $299/128GB versions have replaced older 16GB and 64GB models.,

Now you have plans for tonight.Tesla will livestream the first Model 3 deliveries

Tune in at 11:45 PM ET, as Elon Musk and Tesla hand over the first Model 3 EVs at a special event. Musk himself will receive the first one, while the other 29 are promised to Tesla employees or people who own some of its other EVs. After that, Musk has promised to ship 100 Model 3s next month and around 1,500 in September, eventually ramping up to 10,000 per week.

Adding more users is hard.
Over a million Americans quit Twitter in just three months

Twitter thought that it had turned a corner at the start of the year, possibly thanks to our 45th president. Back in April, the company was crowing about a 14 percent bump in the number of monthly active users on the service -- which had increased to 328 million.

Three months later and that number has remained exactly the same at 328 million, with any international growth offset by domestic losses. The company claims that it's growing at 12 percent for the quarter compared to 2016, but Twitter's audience is essentially stagnating.

Number 25.
This is how Doomfist invades 'Overwatch'

The latest Overwatch character has arrived, and you can watch Jessica Conditt take him for a spin on our archived Facebook Live stream. Doomfist's punch-happy antics are a welcome addition to the game's pantheon of combatants, with a Rocket Punch charged attack that's as tricky to pull off as it is powerful.

Cyber criminals will have to take their business elsewhere
Russian exchange chief charged over $4-billion-bitcoin laundering scheme

The US DoJ has charged Alexander Vinnik with 17 counts of money laundering. It claims that through his company, BTC-e, he's suspected of laundering proceeds from the Mt. Gox hack, the Cryptowall ransomware attacks and even digital currency stolen from the Silk Road by federal agents.The BTC-e exchange has been fined $110 million in civil penalties, while Vinnik personally faces a $12-million fine and up to 55 years in jail.

A strong performer for less than $500.
ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 review

It's ASUS's first entry into the premium Chromebook space, and according to Nathan Ingraham "It's not perfect, but it's very close." The $470 laptop could do better on battery life and Android app support is still iffy, but at 12.5-inches, it's bigger and better than its predecessor. Inside, and Intel Core m3-6Y30 CPU keeps things moving smoothly, and it charges via USB-C.

It might not reach orbit, though.
SpaceX schedules Falcon Heavy's maiden launch for November

SpaceX chief Elon Musk has revealed that the company is sending its Heavy lift rocket to space for the first time in November. The company was originally gunning for a summer launch, but in June, the CEO said that Falcon Heavy's cores will take two to three months to reach Cape Canaveral. SpaceX will need a bit of time after they arrive to prepare the rocket -- which will take off from NASA's historic launch pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center.

It's like Amazon Locker, but exclusively for use by tenants.
Amazon's 'The Hub' is a delivery locker for residential buildings

Amazon already has lockers in various public locations that you can use to receive packages, but it's now offering a more private option for multi-tenant dwellings. The e-commerce titan has launched a new service that offers to install 'Hubs' in condos, apartment buildings and complexes for use exclusively by people who live there. Once it's installed, Amazon doesn't care who uses it for delivery -- you can use it to receive parcels from other websites, retailers and even from your relatives.

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