Tesla is getting 1,800 Model 3 reservations per day

The $35,000 version will start shipping in November.

After narrowly meeting its promise to launch the Model 3 in July, Tesla has released its latest earnings report (PDF). Other than slightly higher than expected revenue, the company says that since the delivery event, it has averaged 1,800 Model 3 pre-orders per day. Of course, if you're getting in line now you could be in for quite a wait. The company expects to build about 1,500 Model 3s during the third quarter, but is maintaining its prediction that it will expand production to reach 5,000 of the cars per week by the end of this year.

Meanwhile, production continues to increase for the Model S and Model X, but the letter ended by looking forward to Tesla's next product launch: an electric semi-truck. Until then, it's all about the Model 3, and Tesla says that the $35,000 version will start shipping in November, while dual motor AWD versions will start to ship in the US early next year. Outside the US, you'll have to wait until late 2018 for left-hand drive versions, and 2019 for countries requiring right-hand drive models.

The company's earnings call is scheduled to start at 5:30 PM ET, and if there's anything interesting then we will update this post.

Update: On the call Elon Musk mentioned that there were 518,000 gross pre-orders for the Model 3, however including cancellations, at last count its net pre-order number stands at 455,000. He also informed investors that the planned Model Y crossover will in fact use many components from the Model 3, which should make it easier to build.