Now Alexa can do your bidding through Ultimate Ears' speakers

But only if you're on Android.

Alexa keeps making its way to non-Amazon devices recently, such as Anker's Dot clone and HTC's U11 phone. Now, it's gracing two more devices with its presence: Ultimate Ears' Boom 2 and Megaboom wireless speakers. Simply press the Bluetooth button and issue a voice command to play music, order food, get sports scores and do other things Alexa is capable of wherever you are, whether you're in the pool, out for a picnic or just chilling at home.

While it's great that you now have a portable choice if you want Amazon's voice assistant in your life, take note that it does have limitations on Ultimate Ears' devices. You can only access Alexa through the company app's "Just Tap and Ask" feature that's exclusively available on Android. There's more: the app and firmware updates that come with Alexa won't be available for Pixel and OnePlus phones, as well as for the Huawei Mate 9 due to "known experience reasons." You might not also get all of Alexa's features on Ultimate Ears' devices.

In other words, the voice assistant's addition is a welcome plus if you already have the speakers and have access to a compatible Android device. However, you may want to weigh your options before getting one if you're in the market for an Alexa-enabled gadget and couldn't care less about portability.