Facebook is making the News Feed easier to navigate

Comments, links and Like buttons are all getting a tweak.

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Over the next few weeks, Facebook will be introducing a few updates to its News Feed on desktop and mobile that make it clearer and easier to navigate. First, comments within a post are going to look a bit different. They'll now look like chat bubbles and replies to specific comments will be indented to make it clear that they're not a response to the general post.

Additionally, to make posts easier to read, the text color contrast will be amped up and larger link previews as well as larger Like, Comment and Share buttons will make the features easier to read and select. And as seems to be the trend, profile pictures will now be round instead of square.

Other changes include tweaks that make it easier to see what a link is before you click it and make clearer whose post you're in or which comment you're replying to. Getting back to your News Feed will be more obvious with a redesigned back button that's more noticeable. And the notifications button will now be a bell rather than a globe.

Overall Facebook's changes look like they're going to make for a more streamlined and easier to use News Feed.

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