Snapchat plans to add college newspapers to its Discover section

But you can only see it if you're on that institution's campus.

A plethora of publishers have joined Snapchat's safe news digest, Discover, since it launched back in January. Some are straight news, like NBC and CNN, while others are culture outlets like Buzzfeed and Vulture -- in other words, most are broadly-appealing online publications. But according to Recode, Snapchat wants to shake that up a bit by spotlighting a particular breed of local content on Discover: College newspapers. But you can only read their stories if you're on-campus.

Dozens of college papers will submit content to a new section in Discover, called Campus Publisher Stories. The publications will produce one story per week (including ads), with advertisement revenue split between the paper and Snapchat. The company plans to add a total of two dozen college pubs, with four signed up so far: The Daily Californian from UC Berkeley, The Battalion from Texas A&M, The Daily Orange from Syracuse and The Badger Herald from Wisconsin.

The content will be geofenced to the newspaper's area, meaning alumni won't be able to check up on their home school's activities. On the other hand, it's a good experiment to see if particular audiences will consume enough content to justify getting locally-bound news on Snapchat.