Follow your favorite local sports teams with Apple’s latest TV update

Look out, YouTube TV.

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Its venerable phone line wasn't the only newly minted product Apple showed off at the iPhone 8 event on Tuesday. Eddie Cue announced onstage that the company will expand availability of its TV app to seven new countries by the end of the year and will be adding local news and sports programming as well.

The TV app will be available in Australia and Canada next month, the spread to Germany, France, Sweden, Norway and the UK by the end of the year. US sports fans (that is, those that live in the country), will be able to track their favorite teams and have Apple TV push an on-screen notification whenever a game starts.

By the end of the year, Apple also announced that users will be able to ask Siri directly to switch to a game. Or, if the user is deep in a Netflix hole and doesn't want to change the channel, they can simply ask the assistant "What's the score of the Giants game?" to get a quick update (hint: the Giants are losing).

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