Retro adventure 'Thimbleweed Park' comes to Switch on September 21st

Relive the days of point-and-click puzzle solving on Nintendo's console.

You no longer need an iPhone to take the traditional adventure gaming of Thimbleweed Park on the road. Terrible Toybox has confirmed that the Nintendo Switch version of its retro mystery will be available for $20 on September 21st, or about a month after it reached the PS4. Portability is clearly the selling point of this release, but it also gives you a distinct choice of controls -- you can use the Joy-Cons or the touchscreen depending on your tastes.

To recap, Thimbleweed is ultimately LucasArts veteran Ron Gilbert's giant love letter to fans of adventure classics like Maniac Mansion and Secret of Monkey Island. You're controlling an eccentric cast of characters (including a cursed clown, a game developer and an X-Files-style duo) as they investigate strange deaths and other odd happenings around the title's namesake town. True to the genre, you have to use phrase-based commands to solve puzzles and pick up virtually every object in sight. It's definitely not the kind of game you'd expect on the Switch, but it might scratch your itch if you still have fond memories of point-and-click storytelling.