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The Morning After: Thursday, September 21st 2017

Google buys a bit of HTC.

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Richard Lawler
September 21st, 2017
NBC - 'The Tonight Show'
NBC - 'The Tonight Show'

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Welcome to Thursday. Apple's new Watch Series 3 has a tiny LTE connectivity issue -- something the company says it will fix in an update, but good luck to those with a pre-order. Google, as rumored, is buying HTC's Pixel team, and, well, half the latter's R&D contingent, too.

Just in time for the Pixel 2 debut.Google is buying HTC's Pixel team for $1.1 billion

After a series of rumors, Google and HTC have finally worked out a hardware deal. Under this arrangement, Google has acquired about half of HTC's R&D team, covering the folks who worked on its Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, as well as access to HTC's patents. HTC received $1.1 billion, keeps its manufacturing capabilities and will continue to develop its own smartphones and VR hardware. One more thing to keep in mind before we see the new Pixel phones October 4th.

FYI.The Apple Watch Series 3 has a problem with public WiFi networks

If you're planning on trying to rely solely on your Apple Watch and its LTE connection, there's one thing to watch out for -- public WiFi networks. Early Apple Watch Series 3 reviews have discovered it's susceptible to a bug where it connects to open WiFi networks a little too eagerly. The problem is that if they use a login web page, it gets stuck (since it doesn't have a browser) and doesn't switch back to LTE. Apple says it's investigating a fix in a future software update.

Don't put yourself at risk.Nest gets into home security in a big way

Beyond thermostats and simple cameras, Nest is now ready to handle more of your home security needs. The $500+ Nest Secure system combines a Guard that doubles as keypad and brain of the operation, with sensors that watch entryways and rooms while small Tags can arm and disarm the system with a tap. Separately, it also introduced the Hello video doorbell and an updated outdoor camera with facial recognition.

This is why we love Mario.The first Mario game on the Switch has the makings of a new classic.

Super Mario Odyssey doesn't ship until October 27th, but Devindra Hardawar is convinced it's "precisely the Mario entry Nintendo needs right now." With rich and expansive new worlds, it manages to maintain the legacy of Mario 64 while still feeling completely fresh.

The A Team.The next 'Terminator' movie will star Linda Hamilton

Director James Cameron and star Linda Hamilton sat out of the three sequels that ultimately failed to reach the same heights as the originals. But now, after a 25-year hiatus, the duo are set to return to the franchise, alongside Arnie, in what Hollywood Reporter says will be a direct sequel to Judgement Day. Cameron will produce, and Hamilton will apparently have a starring role in the new Terminator movie.

Alicia Vikander stars in Hollywood's latest take on the series.'Tomb Raider' trailer teases the cinematic reboot of Lara Croft

Gotta get those moody reboot bucks.

Control Center doesn't control.iOS 11's Control Center buttons don't fully turn off Bluetooth or WiFi

Updated to Apple's new iOS 11? Brave! You might have played around with the new Control Center. You also might think that toggling Bluetooth and WiFi "off" in the Center might actually, you know, turn them off. Turns out, you'd be wrong. As noted over at Motherboard, hitting these buttons really only disconnects you from any WiFi or Bluetooth devices you might be connected to. Apple says this was intentional, aiming to ensure your phone is ready to connect with its increasing family of wireless peripherals, whether they're AirPods or Pencils.

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