easyJet to offer free in-flight streaming service

Watch a film and forget about the price of those Pringles.

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Most easyJet flights are short enough that you can usually stave off boredom with a book and an expensive beer, but in-flight entertainment could soon be part and parcel of your airfare. Instead of retrofitting planes with seatback screens, easyJet is going down the increasingly popular route of launching a bring-your-own-device entertainment service. Connect your phone or tablet to the plane's WiFi network, point your browser at the Air Time portal and you'll have access to TV, films and audiobooks for adults and kids alike.

easyJet partnered with Rakuten for that side of things -- Rakuten TV being the streaming service formally known as Wuaki.tv. Additionally, the service will feature games, flight info, destination guides and language lessons. Air Time will initially be available on only five planes from this autumn, but easyJet plans to launch it across the entire fleet in due course.

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