Microsoft's Cortana finds answers inside your Skype chats

The AI assistant can suggest replies and answer questions.

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You can already count on a dash of AI assistance in some mobile messaging apps, whether it's Google Assistant in Allo or the smart replies you find across iOS. But what if Skype is your chat app of choice? You're covered: as of today, Microsoft is rolling out its Cortana assistant to the Skype apps for Android and iOS. You can talk directly to Cortana if you want to ask about directions, flights or the weather, but it promises to be the biggest help inside your normal conversations.

Skype now has smart replies that pop up based on what your contacts are saying as well as event-related activity. There are the usual canned responses, but Cortana will also recommend setting reminders, suggest restaurant options and provide movie reviews. The additions won't exactly add a personal touch to your chats, but they could be a big help if you're struggling to plan a night out or just don't want to switch apps to get some helpful info.

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