Recommended Reading: 'Lore' makes the leap from podcast to TV

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Billy Steele
B. Steele|10.14.17

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Amazon Prime Video

'Lore' Proves Podcasts Can Inspire Disturbingly Effective TV
Bryan Bishop,
The Verge

A year after Amazon greenlit the television adaption of the popular podcast, Lore debuted this week. The Verge reviews the series as it makes the jump from audio to visual, exploring whether or not the storytelling medium can be the basis for good television. Meanwhile, we're still waiting on that Serial TV show.

Uber Pushed the Limits of the Law. Now Comes the Reckoning
Eric Newcomer, Bloomberg

Uber may have a new CEO who wants to change course, but the company still has a load of problems to deal with.

The Scientist Who Spots Fake Videos
Elizabeth Gibney, Nature

It can be difficult to detect fake or altered video footage these days, but a Dartmouth computer scientist is up to the task.

Westwood's 'Blade Runner' Is an All-Time Classic in Danger of Being Forgotten
Edward Love, Eurogamer

As Blade Runner 2049 plays on the big screen, now is a good time to remember the video game and all it's glory.

Ghost in the Cell
Colin Lecher, The Verge

The Verge tells story of an inmate who hid computers in the ceiling to power a fraud operation from inside an Ohio prison.

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