Wirecutter's best deals: Bose SoundLink Mini II speaker drops to $150

Get your house in order with a Coway air purifier and Vitamix 5200 blender, too.

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Wirecutter's best deals: Bose SoundLink Mini II speaker drops to $150

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You may have already seen Engadget posting reviews from our friends at Wirecutter. Now, from time to time, we'll also be publishing their recommended deals on some of their top picks. Read on, and strike while the iron is hot -- some of these sales could expire mighty soon.

Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier

Street price: $230; Deal price: $210

While we've seen deals as low as $160 before, those deals tend to last hours, not days. If you're in need of a good air purifier and can't wait, this $20 drop in price is a decent deal from the $230 street price. Currently only available in black.

The Coway AP-1512HH Mighty is our top pick in our guide to the best air purifier. John Holecek and Tim Heffernan wrote, "The Coway is HEPA-certified and rated to clean areas up to 350 square feet—the size of a large living room, and far bigger than the average bedroom. In terms of measured particle removal, the Coway is very nearly the best we've tested. On the moderate setting—the highest you're likely to ever run it on for long periods—it purified better than all but two units in our 2016 lab test, reducing particle concentration to just 12 percent of the background level after 20 minutes when set on medium/sub-55-decibel. (Of the two machines that bested it, one, our runner-up Winix, only beat it by a statistically insignificant 2 percent; the other, the Blueair 503, showed seriously degraded performance when we re-tested it after a year of occasional use, and we no longer recommend it; see The competition.) In the 2017 lab test, the Coway again shone against the competition, reducing particulates to as little as 10 percent of the initial level."

Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth Speaker

Street price: $180; Deal price: $150

At $150, this is the lowest price we've seen in recent months on the Bose SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth speaker. While you're limited to just one color (Black/Copper) and Bose has released some new wireless speaker options of late, this speaker still rarely falls below $180. This deal is available to both members and non-members of Costco. Shipping is free.

The Bose SoundLink Mini II is an option we like in our guide to the best portable Bluetooth speaker. Brent Butterworth wrote, "If you want better sound quality and louder volume, or if you also want an excellent speakerphone for making calls, the Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II is worth the cost (roughly twice the price of the Roll 2). It's shocking to hear how much better the SoundLink Mini II comes across than most competitors, with clearer voices and a fuller sound closer to what you might expect from a decent small stereo system. It also plays loud enough to drown out a small dinner party.

At nearly 1.5 pounds in a boxy frame, the SoundLink Mini II is probably heavier than backpackers and business travelers will want to carry, but perfect for lugging along on family vacations. (A recent price reduction has pushed the larger, even better-sounding Riva Turbo X down into the SoundLink Mini II's price range, but because the Turbo X is four times as large by volume, it's really in a different category.) Additionally, this model's speakerphone was the only one in our tests that didn't muffle voices or pick up echoes, so it's a good choice for home-office use."

Vitamix 5200 Blender

Street price: $400; Deal price: $358

This is the lowest price we've seen on the Vitamix 5200 in the black color since Christmas of last year. At $358, this is a little over $40 under the historical street price, but this blender has jumped up to the full MSRP of $450 in recent months, so this drop is a good one. While we saw the white color for a crazy $305 during the summer, that price is an outlier and shouldn't deter you from pulling the trigger on this one if you need a blender. Shipping is free.

The Vitamix 5200 Series is our upgrade pick in our guide to the best blender. Christine Cyr Clisset and Lesley Stockton wrote, "For the fifth year running, a Vitamix blender performed best, overall, in our testing. The classic 5200 was our top pick in 2014 (the Pro 300 the year before), and once again it was the only one in our tests that could make creamy peanut butter and puree soup without spewing molten liquid up the sides of the jar, and it has the best range of speeds (far better than the equally priced Blendtec Designer)."

Refurbished Amazon Tap

Street price: $90; Deal price: $60

Despite all of the recently released Amazon speakers out there, the Tap remains the only Amazon-branded portable option, a nice selling point for those who want Alexa on the go. At $60 ($55 + $5 shipping), this refurbished model is at the lowest price we've seen for the Tap, period. It carries a one year warranty from Amazon.

The Amazon Tap is our portable Alexa speaker pick in our guide to Alexa-enabled Amazon speakers. Grant Clauser wrote, "The Tap is for people who want to take Alexa into the backyard, primarily those who've already made the investment in an Echo (or otherwise use Alexa within the home). Smaller than the Echo, the Tap includes a speaker capable of decently reproducing music, a rechargeable battery, and a charging base. Keep the Tap charging in a convenient place near the back door so every time you want to sit on your lounge chair you can grab it on the way out. As long as your Wi-Fi signal is strong enough to pass through your wall, the Tap can tap into its music abilities for all the neighbors to hear.

The Tap didn't originally sport the always-on microphone for receiving voice commands that the Echo and Dot have, but Amazon recently enabled a hands-free mode with a firmware update. Without enabling that feature you need to press a microphone button prior to giving a command, similar to pressing the home button on an iPhone to call Siri to attention (if you don't have "Hey Siri" enabled on your iPhone). This little inconvenience is meant to make the Tap's battery last longer. It also makes it unsuitable as your main Alexa interface."

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