Ford expands its $500 monthly subscription car service to LA

It's the first move beyond its Bay Area origins, with more planned throughout California.

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David Lumb
November 2nd, 2017

The car subscription service Canvas is expanding from its founding city, San Francisco, down south to Los Angeles. It's the first new area for the company, which was bought by Ford late last year.

Specifically, Canvas has expanded its delivery options to West Los Angeles in a small area from Santa Monica east to Culver City, according to its website. The subscription car company essentially offers super-lightweight leases: Users rent vehicles on a month-to-month basis with a single payment that includes maintenance, insurance and features like roadside assistance.

Canvas isn't the only car subscription service, but at $400 to $500 per month to rent various Ford models, it's much more affordable than similar monthly-rental options that Cadillac ($1500) and Porsche ($2000) have recently announced. Canvas claims that it has 'hundreds' of customers in the Bay, according to TechCrunch. Obviously, LA has more of a car culture than San Francisco, and could be fertile ground for the service. Regardless, Canvas is planning more California expansions.

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