Periscope to award Super Broadcasters with more of their earnings

Now they'll get all of your Super Heart dollars (except for a $1 fee).
Nicole Lee
N. Lee|11.01.17

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Nicole Lee
November 1st, 2017
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In June, Periscope introduced Super Hearts, which are hearts you'd use to support your favorite broadcasters. The system is a little confusing, but here's how it works: You pay for Super Hearts with "coins," which in turn cost real money (1050 coins costs $0.99 and so forth). Those Super Hearts are then translated into "stars." If the broadcaster is enrolled in the Super Broadcaster program, those stars are then converted back into cash. That sounds great, except some of that money was lost to transaction fees and other costs. Now, Periscope is changing this so that Super Broadcasters can get more of what you give them.

Starting tomorrow, Periscope will now reward all Super Heart earnings to Super Broadcasters except for a $1 administrative fee. The fee, Periscope says, is for operation and payment processing costs. Plus, Periscope is also offering an additional holiday bonus incentive during the next two months. If Super Broadcasters earn over a million stars a month, they'll get a $100 bonus. If they earn more than three million stars, they'll get a $250 extra for a total of $350. The caveat is that the Super Broadcaster must earn all of those stars in either November or December -- you can't count an existing balance towards the total.

The Super Hearts program is just one incentive that Periscope is trying in order to lure more broadcasters to its platform, as it competes against YouTube, Facebook and Twitch for views. Some of these rivals offer similar benefits; Twitch has audience tips via Cheer emotes and YouTube Live viewers can pay extra for pinned Super Chats. It's not clear yet if Periscope has the same kind of numbers that its competitors do, but this is certainly one way to win people over.

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