Google Maps' new look adapts to how you travel

It won't highlight gas stations when you're taking the subway.

Updated ·1 min read

Google Maps may be a cornerstone of navigation for many people, but its visual presentation can occasionally leave something to be desired. Why would you care about gas stations when you're taking the subway? To that end, Google is giving Maps a fresh look that adapts to your travel methods and what you're looking for. If you're taking public transportation, it'll highlight stops and route lines; if you're exploring the area, it'll focus more on points of interest. Each location type will have distinct colors and icons, too, so it should be easier to find a restaurant or movie theater if you're new to the area.

Maps' new coat of paint will arrive over the next few weeks in every Google app or service that uses the platform, ranging from obvious picks like Android Auto and Google Earth through to secondary uses like Google Assistant and standard searches. It'll show up in other apps and websites "over time." While this isn't the same as changing features, this could still make a big difference -- the context-sensitive visuals could make sure you take the right bus, or discover an eatery you would have otherwise missed.