Now you can send PayPal invoices over Facebook Messenger

Request money without ever leaving the chat window.

PayPal has spent the last few months adding more integrations to make sending money easier. Sure, some are gimmicky (like 'friendship gift cards'), but a new feature to keep track of group purchases is nifty. The platform also started allowing folks to send cash over Facebook Messenger -- and now you can send invoices on it, too.

To do so, just open the 'Extensions' tray in Facebook Messenger, select PayPal, and create the invoice. The buyer hits the button marked 'Pay with PayPal' and completes the transaction using the platform's One Pay system.

Sure, it's just a plugin that routes existing PayPal functionality through Facebook Messenger's chat. But it's a lot more convenient to bring services into an existing conversation than send a buyer off to an external site. It's certainly useful for more professional exchanges, especially to preserve purchases within a chronology of interactions, a la Slack. But there's nothing stopping you from using PayPal to invoice for self-employed or private business.