SodaStream’s new concentrate lets you mix your own champagne

Sparkling Gold concentrate will be available for a limited time.

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Adam Drobiec
Adam Drobiec

SodaStream has been inching its way into the adult beverage scene for a little while now and today the company announced that it's launching its take on champagne. Sparkling Gold is a new concentrate from SodaStream that supposedly tastes like a fruity Riesling and when mixed by the recommended one part concentrate to five parts sparkling water, it contains 10 percent alcohol by volume. Each bottle has enough concentrate for up to 12 glasses of DIY sparkling wine.

Previously, the company also designed a smart SodaStream setup geared towards mixing a slew of cocktails and last year, it launched its Beer Bar that let users mix their own light beer.

Sparkling Gold will only be available through Germany's SodaStream online store for a limited time. In a statement, SodaStream CEO Daniel Birnbaum said, "Fun and exciting concentrates give more users the opportunity to enjoy and even indulge in festive beverages this holiday season... Cheers!"

Update: A statement made by Sodastream regarding taste test results comparing Sparkling Gold to its competitors has been removed from this article, after a Sodastream representative informed Engadget that that claim had been "contested" and that Sodastream is withdrawing it.

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