Google Home can now do two things at the same time

'Okay Google, define multitasking and play thrash metal in the living room.'

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Nathan Ingraham / Engadget
Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

Google Assistant on your Google Home is going to get a lot more useful this week. The AI butler has recently been updated to support commands that have up to two conditions. Meaning, now you can tell your smart speaker to do things like the bump the temperature in your kids' room and start playing Slayer's "South of Heaven" in there as a lullaby. Or, if you'd rather set the mood in your living room rather than give your offspring nightmares, you could ask Assistant to dim the smart lights and start streaming something from Google Play on your TV. CNET notes that making a query with more than a pair of requests doesn't work.

It's wholly separate from the Routines Google promised back at the Pixel 2 event earlier this fall, too. So you can't say "Okay Google, I'm home; start the Roomba" and expect the cluster of commands tied to "I'm home" to transpire while the living room gets vacuumed. Still, this is something that really isn't possible on other digital assistants unless you issue multiple, separate commands.

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