Amazon offers same-day delivery on handmade goods

It's in select cities just in time for the holidays.

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Swapna Krishna
December 5th, 2017
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If you're struggling with holiday shopping, Amazon is swooping in to make things a little easier. Amazon Handmade, which is the online retail giant's destination for handmade goods and crafts, is now offering Prime Now delivery. This means that shoppers in certain metro areas can receive this items via one- and two-hour delivery just in time for the holidays.

This service isn't available nationwide, but holiday shoppers in Austin, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh, San Diego, the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle can take advantage of Amazon Handmade's fast shipping. This means that shoppers can place last-minute gift orders on Christmas Eve and still receive their items in time for the holiday.

Amazon launched Handmade two years ago, setting Etsy squarely in its sights. The addition of Prime Now makes it tough to beat if you're looking online for thoughtful and unique gifts; Etsy's shipping is dependent on merchants, and it can be a mixed bag in terms of when you receive the items you purchase. It will be interesting to see whether Amazon extends the Handmade/Prime Now combination past the holiday season, as it's currently a pilot program.

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