Google adds more tools to help you find travel deals

So you don't spend your whole time off feeling anxious about how much you're spending.

Here's the thing about vacations: they're fun, but they can also be stressful when you start thinking about how much they'll cost you. Google is trying to take a bit of that stress away by launching a handful of features that can make your trips more affordable. To start with, the tech titan has expanded Flight's ability to save you money. Back in October, the flight search service gained the capability to tell you when prices are expected to increase. Now, it can also tell you when prices are lower than usual and by how much, as well as whether prices won't drop any further for the dates you used in your search query.

Google says Flights uses machine learning and statistical analysis of historical data for its predictions. The company is not actually privy to airline sales and price increases, so the service's advice might not always be accurate. But those tips, which you can see under your results within Flight's interface, can help you decide whether to pull the trigger or wait a little more before buying tickets.

Before you book those flights, though, search for hotels on Google first. Your results will now come with a warning if room rates are higher than usual. An advisory somewhere at the top part of your results will also reveal whether it's peak travel period to your chosen destination, due to a holiday, an event or big conventions and conferences. In case prices don't fit your budget, you can toggle on an option that sends you email price alerts instead. For now, you'll have to be on mobile to see that price alert feature, but it'll come out for desktop next year.

Once you're already at your destination, then it's time to check out Google Trips. In addition to being able to organize your bookings and itineraries, it can now also help you find great deals. The new Discounts feature will give you instant access to tickets, top tourist destinations and experiences sold by vendors like Klook and Expedia, so long as you book them from within the app. It sounds like a great way to quickly find things to do when you don't want spend more time than needed scouring search results or if you prefer keeping things spontaneous.