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NVIDIA GeForce cards will stream gameplay to Facebook Live

GeForce Experience will get an update soon.

NVIDIA's opening CES with a keynote address, and the first big news is here: PC gamers with NVIDIA graphics cards will be able to stream their games directly to Facebook Live.

Twitch and, to a lesser extent, YouTube Gaming, are far more popular platforms for game-streaming than Facebook, but the social-media company has been courting gamers and game developers in an effort to get more streams on its platform. So far, that's led to a tie-in with Blizzard ... and not much else.

That will change soon, though, as NVIDIA is partnering with Facebook to allow gamers to stream directly through Live. There wasn't much detail other than that nugget, apart from the basics: Streaming will happen through NVIDIA's GeForce Experience app, which is, obviously, only compatible with PCs with NVIDIA GPUs.

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