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Buy a copy of 'Resident Evil 7' on Xbox One, get it free on PC

Two scares for the price of one if you purchase digitally.

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The latest game getting the Xbox Play Anywhere treatment is Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. That's right, Capcom's upcoming horror jaunt will support cloud saves, and buying the digital Xbox One version will net you a gratis copy of the game on PC. While it isn't the first non-Microsoft produced game with the feature (indies Ark: Survival Evolved, Astroneer and We Happy Few will have it as well) it's certainly the highest profile occurrence thus far.

Two scares for the price of one next week? If your heart stomach can handle it, sally forth. If there's a downside to going digital, though, it's that you won't have physical access to the game's excellent box art that's evocative of Resident Evil 4's European variant. Decisions, decisions.

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