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Fender brings its guitar tuner app to Android devices

The Tune app debuted on iOS in August.
Billy Steele
01.26.17 in AV

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Fender kicked off its digital push back in August with the release of the Tune app for iOS. Now the guitar maker is bringing that piece of mobile software to Android devices. Fender Tune is now available from Google Play, delivering a convenient option for tuning your guitar or bass without having to back an extra piece of tech. Sure, there are already a number of apps that do this, but the company takes tuning one step further.

Fender Tune also helps beginners get the hang of things with tips for tone, how to strum and suggestions for setting up an amp. There are both automatic and manual tuner settings as well. That automatic option will employ your phone to "listen" as you pluck a string to guide you to the correct note. What's more, Fender is working on other apps that will wrangle settings, emulate the signature tone of famous guitarists and more. Those upcoming options will also sync wirelessly with the company's amps via Bluetooth.

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