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GM's car sharing service offers more EVs by teaming with cities

Over 100 Chevy Bolt EVs will soon be available for car sharing in LA.

The city of Los Angeles is no stranger to embracing EVs and now its teaming up with GM's car-sharing service to make those vehicles more readily available. Maven announced today that it's partnering with cities to expand sustainable driving options and the initiative is kicking off in LA. Once the project fully up to speed, over 100 Chevy Bolt EVs will be available in the city.

Of course, more EVs require more charging stations. Maven is working with other companies to expand the available options. For a limited time though, the Bolt EVs will be able to use EVgo Freedom Stations in California free of charge. Maven already has some Bolts on the road in LA and Lyft drivers in the city are able to rent the EVs through the Express Drive program.

While the new project is starting in Los Angeles, Maven plans to partner with other cities to "co-create smart transportation options." The goal here is to not only offer another form of transportation, but to create jobs and ease parking and traffic woes. The car-sharing service is available in 17 cities across the US and Canada, so there are plenty of possibilities for municipal partners. Maven also says that car sharing with the Bolt EV could eventually be linked to other mass transit options in a city, so you could easily borrow a car for a few hours should the need arise.

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