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Google opens massive virtual collection of US presidential history

Anyone with a love of presidential history will dig this exhibition. 
Flickr / Gage Skidmore

If you're an American history buff, you're in luck. To celebrate President's Day, Google arts and culture team has just kicked off a monumental historical project focusing on our country's top office with the American Democracy program.

History geeks will thrill to find out that George Washington's dentures weren't actually wooden, as is popularly thought, but rather made from human and cow teeth (and some ivory). Fans of more recent presidents might like to see Barbara Bush's handwritten taco recipe, which features Doritos as the first ingredient.

That's just two of the more than 2,000 artifacts in the collection, which includes 158 exhibits in total -- a ton of information to get lost in. There are virtual tours of presidents' homes, insights into their childhoods and even sections on favorite pastimes. That's all in addition to our commander-in-chiefs' more public accomplishments.

The massive archive includes pictures, video and text sourced from more than 30 institutions from across the nation, including individual presidential libraries, museums and historical institutions from across the nation. It joins the rest of Google's plans to bring important cultural, artistic and historical works to the web.

In addition to the thousands of artifacts in this new collection, Google has made 17 new 360-degree virtual tours available, as well. Google Cardboard will let you access places like Mount Rushmore, the Lincoln Memorial and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. If you're a teacher, you can use Google Expeditions to guide your students through 14 presidentially-themed tours, including an inside look at the White House.

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