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Alexa can now order food from Grubhub

Say 'Tell Grubhub I'm hungry' and you'll be able to order one of your last three meals.

In the future, as predicted by Star Trek, all you'll need to do is speak and food will be instantly created before your eyes. Since we don't have a way of instantly converting energy into matter in this way, the latest team up between Grubhub and Amazon will have to suffice. The former has added its smarts to the latter's Alexa platform, enabling you to speak and have food turn up at your door a short time later.

It's fairly easy to set up, since you just have to add the Grubhub skill to Alexa and select which prompts you want to use. So you can ask Alexa to "open Grubhub" or say "Tell Grubhub I'm hungry," before being given a list of the last three meals that you ordered -- since that is the limit of your choices right now. Alexa will then tell you how long you can expect to wait before that chicken pot pie turns up.

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