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Nintendo announces Joy-Con battery grips for Switch controllers

You'll also be able to buy the controllers in neon yellow soon.

The Nintendo Switch's detachable Joy-Con controllers already have decent battery life, but if you're looking to game for even longer sessions, Nintendo has you covered. Today the company announced the Joy-Con AA battery pack, a pair of detachable grips for the wireless controllers that let users extend their longevity with off the shelf batteries. Oh, and you'll be able to buy the detachable controller in neon yellow soon, too.

Both the new Joy-Con color and charging grip launch on June 16th. The a pair of wireless controllers in the new color will probably sell for the same $80 ($50 individually) as the standard model, but unfortunately there's no word on how much the detachable battery pack will cost. Hopefully, it'll ring in for less than the $30 Joy-Con charging grip.

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