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Apple patented (and made) a pizza box to rid your life of soggy crust

How long before Samsung releases its own pizza box?

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The tech-food crossover hall of fame is filled with concepts that are more stunt than solution. Consider KFC's phone-charging take out box or its 'tray typer' for texting with greasy fingers, or even the recent Guardians of the Galaxy 2 soundtrack embedded in a Doritos chip bag. Gimmicks, all. But unbeknownst to everyone, there was a bigger tech dog trying to revolutionize food packaging: Apple bent its divine design will to create a container that would, once and for all, keep your pizza from getting soggy.

The patent, filed in July 2010, describes in convoluted legalese a circular container with holes in the top that vents air and moisture to keep grease from congealing. It's made of environmentally-friendly recycled materials, of course, and boasts enough ridges and circles to look suitably futuristic, like a certain Apple mega-building. Apparently, Apple Park cafe chief Francesco Longoni had a hand in the design. And if you think leveraging Silicon Valley's greatest minds toward fixing a food mess problem isn't worth time, you clearly don't know the value of a grease-free workspace.

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