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Vevo's Apple TV app takes cues from Spotify

Curated playlists, browsing while playing video and more comes to Vevo on tvOS.
Tom Regan, @grapedosmil
05.18.17 in AV

Music lovers with Apple TVs, it's time to get moderately excited -- because the tvOS Vevo app is getting a hefty overhaul. From tomorrow, Vevo will let owners of fourth generation Apple TVs experience an endless wave of curated music videos like it's 1999 all over again.

With an entirely redesigned UI and a focus entirely on music, Vevo on tvOS allows users to keep the music videos coming, featuring various playlists curated by the company. With these bespoke mixes being divided into genre, time of day and even created around big events, the company is essentially creating the Spotify of music videos. The Spotify comparisons don't stop there, however, with Vevo claiming that its app will learn from you, personalizing the experience around your browsing habits. In a nice touch, users will also be able to browse for other videos while the main video is playing thanks to the app's new 'peak-inside-playlist' UI.

Not content with just taking a page out of Spotify's book, it looks like Vevo has seen fit to pilfer the company's playbook. Yet, with YouTube's stream of related videos not always hitting the right notes, this more bespoke approach to music video queueing makes enough sense for us to welcome the fairly blatant plagiarism.

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