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Apple’s $130 Magic Keyboard adds a numeric keypad

The dream is real.

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If you hate wires, but love typing numbers of a wide, expansive surface, then Apple has one more important hardware announcement for you. Among all the other news out of 2017's Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple has just released a full-size, wireless Magic Keyboard with a dedicated numeric keypad. Rejoice, untethered accountants, the dream is real.

As for specs, the keyboard features the same painstakingly designed wedge-shaped profile, scissor-switches and Lightning charging cable as the compact version, but with 31 extra keys that some diehard spreadsheet jockeys and plugged-in coders can't do without. Even the arrow and function keys, which normally get abused in the name of space savings, get the full-size treatment here. According to Apple, the keyboard will get around a month between charges and it also comes with a USB to Lightning cable that will be completely useless if you ever find yourself trying to charge the keyboard off a recent model MacBook Pro.

While the full-size keyboard release coincides with Monday's iMac Pro announcement, the Magic Keyboard is available separately for $129.

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