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Depression simulator 'Please Knock' arrives September 7th

The game will be available for PC on both Steam and Origin.
Rob LeFebvre, @roblef
08.11.17 in AV
Michael Levall

Please Knock on My Door is a conversation about depression via video game. Developer Michael Levall created the indie title about his own experiences with depression and the mind-numbing routine of making games. "Every single thing in the game that you get to go through or read through or whatever has some kind of connection to either a true experience that I've had, just copy-pasted into the game, or it's based on an emotion that I've felt and I've extrapolated that and made a story out of it," he told Engadget back in March. The game is nearly ready; it will release for PC on Steam and Origin this September 7th.

Depression is a common experience for many in gaming, including those who spend their time working in isolation as independent developers. "I have met many people in our industry who either are or have suffered from depression, and it shouldn't come as a surprise," Levall said in March. "For many of us, our work is our passion. The downside to that is that working overtime leads to burnout, which in itself is a gateway to depression. There is also the economical stress of working as an indie developer, or the stress of knowing how hard it is to find a new job should your studio go bankrupt or your project (is) shelved."

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