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Blow stuff up and fight evil as ‘Agents of Mayhem’ on console and PC

The 'Saints Row' studio's hero shooter is live.
David Lumb, @OutOnALumb
08.15.17 in AV

In the age of online-only Overwatch, you might think to yourself, 'I'd love this hero shooter stuff if it was in a single-player campaign.' You might want a game that had great cartoony art as you blow enemies away. You might want it to be funny and a bit crass -- say, written by the studio responsible for the bizarre sandbox series Saints Row. If you checked those boxes, Agents of Mayhem is probably right for you, and it's available now for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Players fill small squads of characters with different skills and unleash them on the minions of an evil mastermind. The game follows through on its cartoony setup with Saturday morning cartoon-esque intros and outros for each mission. We were beyond excited for the game when we saw it at E3 this year and favored it over the similar but less-polished-at-the-time Crackdown 3. We'll have to wait until November when the latter comes out to truly compare, but Agents is out now -- and who likes waiting?

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