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Lean back and watch the eclipse...from your Volvo

Volvo created eclipse viewers that attach to the XC60’s moonroof.

On Monday, lots of people are going to head outside and check out the first total solar eclipse to be viewable in the contiguous US since 1979 and the first coast-to-coast one in nearly a century. But Volvo is giving its drivers another option. For those that want to experience the event alone and maybe with a little air conditioning, the car manufacturer is providing moonroof eclipse viewers for its 2018 XC60 cars.

The viewer is magnetized for easy attachment to the auto's moonroof and is ISO-certified, so it should actually protect your eyes. Only limited quantities will be available though, which will be shipped to Volvo dealerships along the eclipse's path of totality in Oregon, Idaho, Nebraska, Missouri and South Carolina.

XC60 Eclipse Viewer

Personally, I'm excited to experience this eclipse with other people and will be sitting outside with my goofy eclipse glasses for the whole thing. However, while this moonroof viewer seems a little silly, the demand for eclipse glasses is so high right now and so many outlets are sold out of them, I'm wondering if it might actually be easier to just get a Volvo.

Image: Volvo

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