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Honeywell will crowdfund a DIY home security system

Details are scarce, but it goes live on November 1st.

In the tech world, Honeywell is a long-established (century-old!) brand known for its appliances and devices, which are just now getting hooked up to Google Home. But its next venture is usually a move made by less-resourced companies and startups. Soon, Honeywell will launch an Indiegogo campaign and ask folks to crowdfund its new product, a home security system you can install yourself.

A DIY home security setup seems intriguing, though details are scarce (we've reached out for more information). But it's a little crazy that a well-resourced company like Honeywell would turn to crowdfunding for its next product. Their reason? Backers provide "very valuable feedback," a Honeywell spokesperson told The Verge: "We can engage, look for new features, and improve the product based on that first launch via Indiegogo."

They're far from the first company to do so: Sony had a line of crowdfunded watches in the past few years, while electronics brand Anker launching a crowdfunding campaign for a soda can-sized bluetooth speaker weeks ago. Heck, even Atari is turning to Indiegogo to jumpstart their Ataribox console soon. Regardless, Honeywell's mystery campaign goes live on November 1st.

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