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Amazon's Alexa can create lists for virtually anything

Let your inner list-maker run wild.

Amazon's Alexa may boast tens of thousands of skills, but there's probably a handful you keep coming back to. If you're the adventurous type, you might use it to find baby-making tunes, brush up on Eurovision trivia, or play a tickling game. Everyone else, it seems, sticks to its most popular trick: creating lists. And, now Amazon is giving you the power to tally absolutely anything.

The company is expanding Alexa's shopping and to-do list functions to include custom lists. So, you'll be able to compose lists for different stores, like Walmart and (if Amazon has its way) Whole Foods. Plus, you could make specific lists for your travels, family members, and even holidays. Once you're done, your list will be saved to the Alexa mobile app -- plus, you can now use Alexa skills to sync all your new lists with select third-party apps too (including, AnyList and Cozi).

The feature is currently rolling out and will be available to all Echo devices over the next few days.

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