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Sony will turn your PSN trophies into (a little) real cash

A trickle of points for all your hard-earned accomplishments.

Seems like Sony is throwing a bone to game completionists. The Sony Rewards program will now award points to use in the PSN store for silver, gold and platinum trophies. Not by much, mind you, but isn't it nice to see your hard work (minorly) rewarded?

Alongside existing promotions for renting movies and signing up for PSN services, the program will now grant 100 points for 100 silver trophies, 250 points for 25 gold trophies and 1,000 points for 10 platinum trophies. Note that every 1,000 points can be traded in for a $10 coupon on PSN, so keep that reward ratio in mind as you grind for those platinum 100% game completion trophies. It's probably easier to just have that PlayStation credit card racking up company currency.

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