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Netgear routers now feature Disney's parental controls

You don't need new hardware for advanced limits on kids' internet access.

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Circle with Disney's advanced parental controls are helpful if you want to curb what your kids can do online and when, but it has normally required a separate device you plug in to your WiFi router. Why can't it just be built into the router itself? It is now: Netgear has announced that its Nighthawk and Orbi routers now include Circle with Disney software. If you want to set a time limit on a given app or block racy material, you don't need anything beyond the networking device you already own.

The feature is available now on "select" Nighthawk routers, and should reach Orbi through a firmware update in the near future. Just be aware that getting Circle's full services will still carry a premium. You can filter access, block ads and pause internet access for free, but features like app-specific time limits, bedtimes and Alexa voice controls will cost you $5 per month. Circle clearly is hoping to make up for the lack of extra hardware by enticing you to pay recurring fees. It could be worthwhile, though -- many routers only have limited parental controls at best, so this gives you an easy way to upgrade without having to buy a separate box.

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