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The Morning After: Tuesday, November 21st 2017

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This Tuesday, we're testing concrete speakers, blissful Dreamcast games reimagined in VR, and a robot that will copy your moves.

Get your letters ready.
The FCC's plan to undo net neutrality is about to be revealed

According to reports, Ajit Pai will unveil the details of his plan to roll back Title II net neutrality protections later today. Timed during a short holiday week, the plan is expected to follow what we heard in April -- with rules preventing ISPs from blocking, slowing down or charging extra for different kinds of content removed, and responsibility for managing disputes pushed to the FTC.

Concrete speakers are heavy on the wallet.
Master & Dynamic's concrete speaker is equal parts sound and spectacle

If you're a fan of well-designed headphones that have a unique aesthetic, Master & Dynamic should be at the top of your list. Earlier this year, the company ventured into another product category: wireless speakers. In true M&D fashion, it didn't cut corners on design, materials or sound, and even opted to make its first model out of concrete. It looks great and, as Billy Steele discovered after spending several weeks with one, the MA770 is more than capable when it comes to audio quality. But, it's not for everyone.

Remote control.
Toyota's T-HR3 robot mimics your movements

While Toyota's third-generation humanoid robot doesn't do backflips, it is capable of copying a human operator's movements. The control unit not only sends motions, it also provides force feedback motors to enable precise control, and a head-mounted display to see what the robot is seeing.

NFC would've been nice.
Honor's 7X is a big, unremarkable mid-range phone

It's no wonder Huawei's been the third-biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world for so long now. The company releases so many of the things, it's hard to keep track. Following Huawei's recent launch of the Mate 10, it's now sub-brand Honor's turn to welcome a new device to its ranks: the Honor 7X. It's designed to succeed the year-old 6X, which offered dual-camera tricks at a mid-range price. The 7X has a key selling point of its own, too, in the form of a big ol' 5.93-inch FullView display.

You don't need to be tethered to experience virtual bliss.
'Rez Infinite' arrives on your phone through Daydream VR

Rez in VR is pretty amazing, and now one of PlayStation VR's best games is available on Android phones that are compatible with Daydream. There's a free-to-play demo, but you're going to be laying down cash for it, who are we kidding?

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