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Newton's simple-is-better email app gets a calendar counterpart

Calendar for iOS promises smart scheduling and 'I'm running late' alerts.
Newton/Jon Fingas, Engadget

The Newton app is a quality (if pricey) email client that offers simplicity on the surface and intelligence underneath, but it has at least one glaring flaw: that design philosophy doesn't carry over when you need to check your schedule. The Android app had a calendar feature, but it was bolted on. You might not have to make that trade-off for much longer. The developer has introduced a separate Newton Calendar app for iOS, and it continues that less-is-more strategy while adding some thoughtful touches. Most notably, you don't have to wade through the usual forms to add an event -- you tap the date, type in the time and title and you're set.

There's also a helpful option to notify someone when you're not going to arrive on time, and a schedule view (not entirely unique) to show when you have a free slot. And not surprisingly, the app will support both Google-based calendars (including Google Apps) and Microsoft's Exchange.

Newton Calendar only exists in a preview form right now, but we're told it should be widely available in the near future. And in case you're wondering: yes, your $50 per year subscription for the full-featured email app will cover Calendar as well. That's still a steep price, but it might be easier to swallow knowing that you're getting two full-featured apps.

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