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Google re-enables touch controls for audio playback on the Home Mini

Now you can use its sides for more than just tweaking the volume.

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There's an update on the way for those of you with a Home Mini speaker. Google is rolling out a new feature that lets you use the sides of the device to play or pause whatever you're listening to, be it music, news or if you want to end a call you're on. Right now, the touch-friendly side area of the Home Mini only works to control the volume, but now with a long press of the unmarked spots you can have some extra functionality.

Back in October, Google had to disable the Home Mini's top button, after it was reported that the budget speaker was recording basically any and every sound. Thankfully, the search giant took care of that issue rather quickly -- but those are just the risks you take when you want the lavish life of a smart home.

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